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IT Network Management NY

A common misconception is that building Internet of Things or using smart devices within a building is enough to position the building space as a smart building. A smart building, in reality, is a set of smart systems that are dynamically connected and made interoperable through a platform that builds up, shares, analyzes, anticipates, detects, and acts upon the shared smart office building data. Both existing buildings and new ones can be made smart by following the process below. And the intelligence of a healthy office building can be increased with each system that is integrated, thus offering a continuous improvement strategy.

Building Technology Systems Assessment

This phase considers the technology infrastructure, computing power, intelligent technologies, compatibility with IoT, and ability to connect with other platforms. This assessment could be conceptual, virtual, or both for new buildings. With existing buildings, as-built documentation will be vital to understanding the things that need to be done to improve facility intelligence. MEP infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, critical electrical components, elevators, etc., are all vital to the success of a smart building.

Master and Visioning Planning

This involves looking beyond what is inside the building to truly understand its potential for integration. The major thing to consider at this phase is to determine the future plans. To do that, you need to answer the following questions:

Is the building an enterprise facility your company plans to occupy for several years to come?

Is your company leasing? Renting?

A good understanding of your company’s goals allows for a personalized experienced and results to be generated from the integrated smart systems.

Set Priorities

The next phase on the road to office building wellness and integration is to take the master plan and assessment and create a rating scale for the parties making the decisions. For instance, each system and equipment is graded for significance on a scale of 0-10. With this, 10 is absolutely foundational to the smart building upgrade. After assigning the grades, you can then review each item and consider any potential roadblocks to execution.

Implement the Plan

Now, it’s time to execute the plan distinctive to each facility’s smart building integration strategies. You may want to create a 5-year intelligent building upgrading plan in which building interruptions are scheduled, issues of budget are resolved, and proposed upgrades are considered. However, you should remember that upgrading systems in an existing building will be less costly today.

Design Phase

This is the stage to conceptualize high-performance office buildings. During the design phase, technologies will be thoroughly researched and reviewed for their combability with the building’s master plan. Most importantly, their ability to provide the smart integration they claim to offer. With a 5-year office building design guideline, set the expectation of the new technologies.

IT Network Management NY

Smart office building requirements and technology are constantly changing. At Techmenity, we help businesses identify what your business need and what they don’t. Whether you are in the first stages of smart office design or retrofitting an office full of legacy equipment, we are the right partner that can show you how smart your office building can truly be. Contact us today to discuss your needs and our IT network management NY. Get a no-cost, no-obligation 30-min consultation.