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Tech General Contractor Manhattan

The automation systems in most commercial buildings have aging technology that is either inefficient, unreliable, or reliable on manual input. While the systems might help optimize energy use or automate some building functions, their architecture fails the test of time. There are newer, more intuitive algorithms for the ever involving Internet of Things (IoT).

We specialize in designing and installing different automation systems to help your buildings take advantage of today's advanced AI. We retrofit these technologies to turn your commercial building into an intelligent, energy-efficient, and future-proof structure that is easier to manage.

Our IoT integration services transform your building management system into a central point that requires little input or surveillance. We will install the framework for the system connecting it to the energy meters, HVAC systems, security, surveillance, lighting, temperature, environmental controls, and access controls to give you one central management point. Relying on the user-fed configurations, it learns preferences and makes suggestions to improve efficiency. Our IoT network architecture uses open-source protocols and APIs. This approach enables it to integrate well with a wide range of devices and extend the system's functionality. A proprietary system would limit how many vendors we can use, affecting versatility.

We believe in offering customized solutions. While we cover all the basics with our systems, we welcome client input at all design and installation stages. If there are technologies that you want in the system, you are welcome to suggest them. Our open system allows the adoption of newer or rare innovative solutions that might work for your commercial buildings. We collaborate with leading manufacturers in the industry to acquire top-quality devices for the IoT networks, integrating cloud solutions when the client desires them.

This optional cloud-based software is our go-to recommendation because of its many benefits. It allows greater accessibility of data from any device and location and offers greater security by preventing breaches typical in hardware-only setups. Data storage is nearly limitless, thanks to its scalability. Overall, it is also a cheaper solution when considering how much it costs to buy equipment that offers similar functionalities. Due to its encryption support and API keys, it is hard to corrupt or hack. Most IoT networking technology solutions are almost exclusively using cloud-based software.

Our IoT and operational technology network follow some industry-set principles and best practices to ensure it meets standards. They include:

  • installing highly-reliable network connections and redundancies to ensure uninterrupted service by all end users.
  • Extending these redundancies to the connections between the local area and private networks in the cloud.
  • Ensuring each subnetwork has its IP address for scalability and to protect individual failures from affecting the whole system. It also prevents conflicts within the system and in the cloud through overlapping.
  • Creating a network design that uses one central device that feeds other devices (hub and spoke technology).
  • Providing excess data storage for uninterrupted operations
  • Ensuring robust network connectivity for consistently fast response times when many open protocols are used simultaneously.
  • Creating an intuitive data model, testing it repeatedly for correctness, and establishing ease of data mining.

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