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Techmenity leverages the power of technology and human ingenuity to create buildings that are healthy, efficient, and 
capable of adapting

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A successful outcome requires a vast breadth of expertise, collaboration, and planningAs your Technology General Contractor, Techmenity bridges the gap between traditional construction teams and specialized technology trades. We educate existing teams to ensure understanding of how technology influences and unites systems to achieve Optimum Building Performance. 

Techmenity is invested in a future that is human-centered and health-driven. We advise on the WELL Building Standard, backed by Mayo and Cleveland Clinic research, to improve the health and wellness of building occupants. 

As your WELLness Integrator, Techmenity installs Delos-certified solutions for commercial, residential, and institutional developments. This includes micro-particle air filtration, water purification systems, and circadian lighting systems. 

WELL Tech: defining a new standard for healthy, 
sustainable buildings. 

The vision to create a Future-Ready roadmap for your property. 

And a trusted network of partners to bring that vision to life. 

The Future-Ready building

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Technology General Contractor | WELLness Integrator

119 West 23rd Street, Suite 404
New York, NY 10011
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Integrated IP Systems for Optimum Building Performance

  • Simplified design consolidates cabling and reduces pathways and material cost

  • Reduces labor cost

  • Universal connectivity and cabling means less costly moves, adds, and changes

  • Power, control, and security on a single network

  • Integration permits smart control lower energy consumption by up to 25%

  • Improved overall manager and occupant satisfaction

  • Increases productivity via improved comfort, air quality, lighting, shading

  • AI-Ready

End-to-End Support for Every Phase of Your Project

We use a 4-phase approach to manage all aspects of your build's technology needs, from strategy and design through implementation and day-2 operations. 

119 West 23rd Street, Suite 404
New York, NY 10011
(212) 235-7011

1. A property that is versatile, advanced, and efficient enough to support technological changes for the next 100 years.

2. A property that supports the health of its occupants through proper lighting, and the use of ventilation, filtration, and humidity systems to reduce the spread of pathogens.

3. Having a single IP network that connects all systems and can be expanded in stages, allowing for easy, minimally invasive upgrades. 

WELL Buildings

Technology integration is the most misunderstood part of any new construction or renovation project. 

Our Process

Digital Foundation


Individual Units

Tech Concierge

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Techmenity is working with New York's top architects, developers, and designers to transform our built environments.

Think of this as your building's central nervous system; connecting all systems into a single network for simplified management and increased security. 

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