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The foundation of a secure and sustainable connected building is a well-designed data network that is integration-ready. Think of it as your building's central nervous system; connecting a diverse array of Building Automation System (BAS) endpoints such as PoE lighting, surveillance, HVAC, energy management and more.

A poorly planned network is a liability; from susceptibility to cyberattacks to miscommunication between systems. Bringing Techmenity’s Phase 1 Experts into the early planning stages is essential to building a strong digital foundation for your development. We ensure that all systems integrate into a single, robust network; making your connected building easier to secure and more cost-effective to manage.

Discover the Tech Amenities that Will Add Instant Value to Your Property — and the Lives of Your Residents.

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Connected Building Consultants & Technology Amenity Services

TECHMENITY® is a division of TechDad Inc., NYC’s best-reviewed in-home IT/AV service.

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Technology Amenity Services for the high-end residential market

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End-to-End Support for Every Phase of Your Project

We work with developers, architects, engineers, and designers to ensure seamless technology + systems integration property-wide.

Techmenity will help you design a building that's secure, efficient and future-proof. After project completion, we'll provide ongoing systems monitoring and on-call tech support for your residents and staff. 

Techmenity will design your building’s fiber-optic data network to secure and power every core system, including BMS (HVAC, energy management & monitoring, lighting, access control, alarm, surveillance, water and moisture sensors) communications, and entertainment.

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The lounge, theater, playrooms, gym, outdoor and meeting spaces; these amenity areas are the key selling points for your building and can all be enhanced by (visible and invisible) technologies. Your residents will interact with and conduct their daily routines in these spaces so they should reinforce the lifestyle you’re promoting. A well-designed amenity space provides residents with an experience rather than just a place to live. 

Techmenity designs, installs, and integrates these technologies into your building’s network, providing round-the-clock management to guarantee maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

Future-forward developers understand that appointing residential units with smart home technologies is a way to differentiate their offering in a crowded metropolitan market. Property owners are earning a 2-3% rent increase for connected homes, while buyers are attracted to sponsor-installed technology packages.

Techmenity works alongside developers to find the right mix of technology to fit within your project’s budget; from motorized shades, lighting control, and smart thermostats to full automation systems that can be customized to the taste of each buyer. We'll then furnish, install and commission at scale to deliver move-in ready technology for each unit.



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As more and more smart-appliances and devices enter the market, sophisticated New Yorkers appreciate the patient and caring help that Techmenity provides; from choosing the right streaming sound system to installing motion-activated lights for an older parent. Thoughtfully curated solutions are provided to each resident including design, delivery and installation services. After the set-up is complete, we provide personalized tutorials, expert troubleshooting, and on-call techs for both resident and building staff needs. 

Techmenity Concierge Services can be offered as move-in or retention incentives and customized to the needs and budget of your building.

Superintendents and maintenance staff are overwhelmed by the number of resident requests to mount TVs, install smart thermostats, and upgrade to smart light switches. This is beyond the scope of their job descriptions and most building managers won’t allow them to do this work. When tenants turn to online ads for help, the results can be devastating to your building’s core-shell and in-wall infrastructure.   

Techmenity’s vetted, certified, and fully-insured installers care about protecting your building’s shell. We become familiar with your walls — and what's behind them — to help you reduce costly repairs and insurance claims. Our installations are guaranteed safe and code-compliant. And your building’s staff will appreciate a familiar team whom they can trust and rely on.


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New York's Premiere Connected Building Design, Integration, and Technology Amenity Services

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