We bring our Future-Ready Building Method™ to corporate, commercial, multifamily, and bespoke residential projects.

Corporate, Commercial, Multifamily

As the TechGC, Techmenity bridges a critical gap in the design-build process: ensuring the project has a central technology stakeholder, and the client has a trusted advisor who is mutually invested in delivering a space that is beautiful, functional, and easy to manage. Our expertise in IT distinguishes us from other integrators and informs our holistic, Future-Ready approach network design.  From amenity floor upgrade to office fit-out Techmenity is your go-to tech partner for smarter, more efficient spaces.

It all starts with the Digital Foundation™

Regardless of a project's scope, our process always starts with network design. The Digital Foundation is the cabling infrastructure that supports and unites various smart building systems and is designed to accommodate new technologies in the future. We walk clients through our network design checklist and provide insight into the value engineering process to ensure that economic decisions will not impact the holistic vision and performance of the building.

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Position Your Property for the Long-Term

Alongside our design-build partners, Techmenity helps clients understand the value of investing in their tech infrastructure up-front in order to make their property more attractive to future occupants and/or owners.