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IoT Smart Building New York City

IoT networks ensure interconnected devices communicate with others autonomously or without human intervention. Tech can easily connect and exchange data with similar devices over the internet. IoT devices include smart label sensors for products, activity trackers in healthcare that help develop targeted patient care plans. These manufacturing sensors give a quick overview of major indicators for failing machines or equipment to retail industries using innovative technology to maintain accurate inventory records.

Our Network Portfolio And Partners

We have partners that give unparalleled end-to-end IoT network architecture, applications. Interconnect assets and data that uncover transformative business insights. We handle edge computing, device management, network connectivity, IoT security, and data exchange and control.

We provide the industry’s most comprehensive IoT Security solution by delivering ML-Powered visibility, prevention, and enforcement in one platform. We also detect and respond to unknown threats, prevent known threats and assess security risks. When we understand IoT assets, we can apply risk reduction policies.

Our system connects everything everywhere. We offer wireless IoT solutions for OT, IT, and everything. We protect your IoT attack surface and maintain dependable IoT connectivity. Your entire network is supported through one platform, and you gain visibility into IoT data.

Benefits of an IoT Network

Our company ensures our clients have additional income streams, end-to-end security, and new business outcome opportunities. We make your work simple by providing automated tasks done through M2M communication and improved IoT and operational technology networks and processes.

IoT Assessments

To ensure your network is IoT-ready, we do assessments. We will start your WLAN Assessment by understanding the users, locations, devices, and traffic that needs support. We then analyze your current wireless network performance to identify reliability, interference, and coverage issues. When we place any problems, we give you recommendations for best practices and help you mitigate those outstanding issues. Our Wireless Assessments are available for indoor and outdoor WLAN and integration with 4G, 5G, and LTE. 

Wi-Fi and IoT Enthusiasts

We stay on the leading edge of wireless technology so you don't have to. Since wireless standards and capabilities change often, we constantly evolve our Radio Frequency (RF) survey techniques to ensure our clients use advanced technology to work to gain a competitive advantage. We help you meet your mobility objectives and improve the experience of your staff, clients, learners, patients, fans, and citizens.

Proven Success

We have built and supported complex IoT integration services since our conception. Our years of experience and superior technical skills have helped us sharpen our processes to achieve the best possible outcomes. We document our strategy, which is repeatable, ensuring you do not spend countless hours trying to understand what was done 

Solutions for Any Industry

Besides supporting IoT, we specialize in building modern, agile networks that scale with your business and industry sector. We continue to innovate and reduce complexity with our diverse portfolio of Networking Solutions.

Techmenity is a Technology project management company offering network design and IoT installation for commercial, mixed-use, and bespoke residential projects. Call us at 212-235-7011 to get a no-cost, no-obligation 30-min consultation.