Elephant VC

Another successful collaboration with Hyphen & Co. Design on Elephant VC's new flagship office in NYC. As the TechGC, Techmenity oversaw technology design and project management to deliver a sophisticated, secure, user-friendly workspace for this growing private equity firm.

Designer: Hyphen & Co. 


Early Planning

Techmenity was brought into the project early to provide a comprehensive technology design plan.
This meant we were able to thoroughly plan out the low voltage infrastructure, resulting in a smoother construction process, and zero technology related change-orders. 


Client Goals

1. Address Acoustic & Video Conferencing Challenges:

Remedy the echo in their cavernous conference room and upgrade their clunky video conferencing setup.

2. Enhance Physical Security Requirements:

The building needed a major update to meet Elephant VC's safety requirements.

3. Improve IT & AV Support:

The client was extremely unhappy with the lack of care and responsiveness from their former IT & AV provider. 




Project Outcomes

1. Strategic Placement of Infrastructure:
Worked closely with the architecture and construction teams to ensure precise core drilling for in-floor wiring enclosures, with easily accessible conduits and pathways for future updates.

2. Robust WiFi Infrastructure:
Implemented a robust WiFi system ensuring ample bandwidth, zero dropped signals, and versatile entertainment options, such as background music during the workday 🤟

3. Effortless Video Conferencing:
Configured user-friendly video conferencing systems in two conference rooms and an executive office, offering high-quality sound and video with a single touch of a button.

4. Flexible Workspace for Portfolio Companies:
Designed and provided flexible workspace solutions to accommodate Elephant VC's portfolio companies, fostering collaboration and adaptability.

5. Enhanced Intercoms and Access Control:
Collaborated with the building to enhance intercoms and access control systems, building-wide, ensuring a secure environment for Elephant VC and the building’s other tenants.

6. Cloud-Based Surveillance:
Implemented a cloud-based surveillance system for enhanced security, providing Elephant VC with efficient monitoring capabilities and adequate video storage.

7. Caring, Responsive IT Support:
Techmenity provides ongoing managed services to monitor the secure network and provide boots on ground servicing as needed. 


Trusted Tech Partner for Growth Stage Companies.


At Techmenity, we specialize in laying the Digital Foundation and providing tailored technology guidance and support to emerging enterprises. Through meticulous planning and expertise, we ensure that their cabling and network infrastructure is not only scalable but adaptable, poised to seamlessly support future growth and sophistication. >>> Get in touch. 

Project Deliverables

  • Digital Foundation:
    Established a robust digital foundation, including a secure managed network and on-site support services.
  • Comprehensive Technology Integration:
    Implemented multi-zone audio systems indoors and outdoors, coordinating with landscape architects for discreet speaker placement.
  • Building-Wide Intercom and Access Control Enhancement:
    Worked with building owner to upgrade the intercom and access control systems property-wide to match Elephant VC's requirements for a physically secure environment.
  • Robust Connectivity:
    Coordinated high-speed fiber optic internet through a third-party provider, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity throughout the office.
  • Executive Office AV Setup:
    CEO office fit-out with advanced but easy-to-use audiovisual setups for easy presentations and glitch-free communication.
  • Workstation Configuration:
    Wired connections, set up monitors, stands, and docking stations.
  • Ongoing IT Support:
    Proactive IT support and network management services to ensure the smooth operation of all implemented technologies.