Gotham Burger Social Club

Techmenity executed a rapid AV project for Gotham Burger Social Club, a fun new restaurant concept that spawned from a favorite NYC PopUp. Despite the tight timeline, our team delivered a comprehensive audiovisual solution, including audio, surveillance, and WiFi systems, all within a three-week deadline.

Designer: Hyphen & Co. 


Speedy Project Execution:

Under the pressure of time, Techmenity skillfully navigated the last-minute requirements. Within three weeks, we procured, designed, delivered, and installed the entire AV setup, meeting the client's tight deadline and contributing to the successful launch of Gotham Burger Social Club.

Hyphen_GothamBurger_Garruppo_111523_153 (1)

Scope of Work:

1. Audio System Design:
Designed and furnished a dynamic audio system with multiple zones, creating distinct music and sound levels for various areas, including the basement and main dining floor.

2. Security Surveillance:
Developed and installed a security surveillance system covering all floors, ensuring comprehensive coverage of action areas, exits, and entrances from both inside and outside the restaurant.

3. WiFi Access Points:
Engineered and implemented WiFi access points throughout the entire restaurant, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable internet connectivity for patrons and POS systems.

Hyphen - Gotham burger