Adding a central technology expert helps design-build teams be more efficient, eliminates tech-related change orders, and ensures your smart building is delivered as envisioned.

Bringing a Technology General Contractor into the concept-planning phase means we're able to prepare the client with a more detailed understanding of the project’s true scope — which means more accurate budgeting and less surprises once construction begins. For the end-user, it means you get a system customized to your specific needs and use cases: functional, secure, scalable, intuitive to use, and beautiful to behold. 


Network Design:

Digital Foundation 

Techmenity designs a secure, scalable converged network that integrates multiple systems to create a more responsive environment. This network infrastructure serves as your property's Digital Foundation and acts as the central nervous system for your building; connecting the various technology solutions deployed throughout the property. Learn the 4 steps to building a strong Digital Foundation for your property. 


AV/IT, Telecom, Access Control, IoT: 

Design, Specification, Installation

We partner with the MEP to take over the AV/IT, Access Control, Surveillance, Telecom and IoT scope. We work closely with the security vendor to integrate audio with video surveillance and access controls to give security teams an interactive and proactive solution. Our IoT workforce provides installation and commissioning of IoT devices, gateways, and low voltage cabling. Read "3 reasons you should pay for your tech design upfront." 

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Tech Project Management:

Single Point of Contact for All Tech Trades 

The Technology General Contractor (TechGC) is the central point of contact for all connected technologies. We coordinate timelines and oversee deliverables from each technology partner to ensure the performance of the Technology Master Plan; from AV to wellness tech and everything in between. We help oversee contractor bids and RFP Administration, Procurement, Integration, and System Commissioning. Read "What's a TechGC® and why your construction project needs one."


IT Services:

24/7 Monitoring, Support, Maintenance, Upgrades 

Techmenity’s TechGC services and smart building solutions are built upon our foundation in network design and IT management. We offer specialized IT and Managed Services for SMEs, architecture firms, and other offices within the design-build and real estate industries. Read "Why outsourcing IT services is the most secure and economical solution for most SME's."

Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Corporate, Commercial

Technology integration across multiple systems is the most misunderstood part of any new construction or renovation project. Bringing Techmenity into the early stages of planning guarantees that technology is leveraged to drive efficiency, ROI and Net Operating Income (NOI) and that the well-being of occupants is always top of mind.

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Future-Ready Building Method: Positioning your property for the long-term

Our converged network allows for non-invasive upgrades to ensure your property’s relevance for its entire lifecycle. This network acts as the central nervous system for your building, connecting the various technologies we oversee via a user-friendly, Single Pane of Glass (SPOG) control: