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Techmenity's client, a music lover and avid vinyl collector, was moving into a new apartment building in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, and wanted a high-end sound system for their new home office that could connect to their Brinkmann Bardo turntable and still have the capacity to reproduce concert-grade sound for streaming live concerts, and watching movies at home. So, we brought world-renowned sound system designer and manufacturer, L-Acoustics Creations into the project to help us transform the client's home office into a premium home theater experience with concert-quality-sound.


When we approached L-Acoustics Creations for a small but high-end apartment in Tribeca, the French-based manufacturer knew just the right system. This would be L-Acoustics Creations first residential project North America.  

Given the limited space for speakers in the Italian wall unit, restrictive guidelines from the interior designer, and the small size of the room, the Fiji 5.1 system was an ideal choice for the client. L-Acoustics Creations Fiji 5.1 is a smaller footprint system that delivers concert-grade dynamics and performance. The loudspeakers can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, providing flexible installation options that are perfect for NYC apartments with tight spaces. The slim design of the SB10i subwoofer allows it to be discreetly placed, providing an immersive audio experience without compromising the room's aesthetics. 

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The Fiji 5.1 system seamlessly connects to playback devices, enabling users to enjoy their preferred audio and audiovisual content without any hassle. Whether streaming live concerts, watching movies, or playing games, the Fiji 5.1 system provides a premium audio experience that exceeds expectations.

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“The small space and design restrictions coupled with the client's taste for the highest-quality sound made this project a challenging puzzle to solve. To find just the right solution, we looked at a number of speaker systems before being introduced to Fiji. As soon as we were given a demo, we knew that this system would meet all of our client’s & the designer’s expectations. This gentleman has a collection of bespoke, high-end systems in each of his homes, and Fiji is now his favorite. It’s one of the only choices for concert-quality, multichannel surround sound in tight rooms found in NYC apartments. The subwoofer’s dimensions allow it to be placed discreetly.”
- Jamie Propp, CEO of Techmenity (and fellow audiophile)

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The Fiji 5.1 system includes five ultra-compact X4i loudspeakers, one powerful and slim SB10i subwoofer, and two LA2Xi amplifiers, capable of delivering up to 117 dB of sound. Despite its compact size, Fiji 5.1 provides exceptional clarity and can be used for various applications, including high-end home theater, premium personal studio, or group gaming setup.

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Additional Scope

While the sound system certainly stole the show on this project, Techmenity also provided smart home control and integration services for this project:

  • Savant control system
  • Lighting control
  • Thermostat control & temperature sensors
  • Sonance invisible speakers in the kitchen
  • Ring doorbell integrated with Savant 
  • Ruckus Wi-Fi
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