Lincoln at Bankside

101 Lincoln Ave. Bronx

Techmenity served as the local project manager for Aerwave, on Brookfield Properties’ new Lincoln at Bankside development from February 2022 - August 2023. The mixed-use residential building occupies an entire city block at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge. The waterfront property features 4 towers with street level retail and 921 residential units. Luxe amenities include an indoor lap pool and basketball court, two-story fitness center, game room and media lounge, co-working and event spaces, and a rooftop deck — all connected with high speed WiFi.

Lincoln at Bankside

In total, the Bankside development includes seven residential buildings, 34,000 square feet of public waterfront space along the Harlem River +15,000 sqft of retail, 682,000 sqft of office space and a mix of private and community facilities.

Project Scope

Techmenity was responsible for:

1. Managing the RFP process to hire low voltage cabling contractors for "Lincoln at Bankside"

2. Installation of vertical fiber-optic cabling through 4 towers

3. Installation of horizontal copper cabling into 921 residential units, hallways, lobby amenity spaces, outdoor areas, and garage.

4. Installation of 1000+ WiFi access points

5. Installation of 32 IDF closets which included:
     - Locking vertical enclosures
     - Network switches
     - Fiber termination boxes
     - Power distribution units  

6. Assisting with network turn-up and switch configurations

7. Buildout of one MDF and coordination of Crown Castle and Verizon’s fiber option feeds into the MDF from the street

8. Attending weekly construction meetings and liaised with the developer, GC, and MEP, as well as electrical, carpentry and other trades.

As of September, 2023 the project was preparing for occupancy.

Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 3.09.09 PM

General Contractor: Triton Construction (This project contributed to their recent award by ENR New York as regional Contractor of the Year!)
Hill West Architects
Interior Design: Whitehall Interiors & Leong Leong
Landscape Design: MPFP
WiFi: Aerwave
Tech Project Management & Installation: Techmenity

Conduits: Planning Space for Future Technology

One Future-Ready concept that we’d like to highlight at 101 Lincoln is the two-inch flexible duct that we embedded in the concrete slab, extending from the IDF to the NID inside of each apartment. This is the highest level of future-proofing because it will allow for minimally invasive upgrades, enabling future technology partners to run new cabling from point to point without the need to open walls or ceilings. Unfortunately, we only got to floor 7 before it got value engineered out.

This is a great illustration of the push-pull in making building infrastructure Future-Ready vs. saving money now. As an industry we’re in this constant CapEx battle between what’s best for the property long-term and what’s best for the balance sheet. So even if we only won seven floors this time, the developer did recognize the value of what we were proposing. Hopefully on the next project, we’ll make it all the way to the top floor. 


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Hidden WiFi access points throughout the lounge, lobby, gym and pool areas at Lincoln at Bankside | Brookfield Properties | Hill West